Make sure your tenants get the most out of SOMAH

Participating property owners are required to engage and educate tenants about SOMAH and provide them with SOMAH-approved information on energy efficiency, time-of-use rates, bill interpretation, solar training opportunities and resources for additional support and information. The tenant education toolkit is a resource for property owners to meet the requirement and maximize benefits for your tenants. Download the tenant education strategies flyer for more ideas.

The SOMAH Tenant Education Services pilot project helps host customers reach their tenant education requirements. If your project has received Proof of Project Milestone approval, apply now for this free service using the Tenant services intake form.

Tenant reviewing the SOMAH educational materials

Schedule a meeting to present the SOMAH-approved resources to inform tenants of changes they should expect and job training opportunities (if any).

  • Keep tenants informed by aligning events and communications channels
  • Add SOMAH to the agenda of existing tenant events, emails and newsletters
  • Encourage tenants to visit and signup for email updates

*Some translated materials available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

See Tenant Education Requirements

What to expect with SOMAH*

How will your utility bill change?*

Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) program materials

Tenant reviewing the SOMAH educational materials

Post approved tenant education materials in laundry rooms or other common areas. Provide regular updates on installation progress by direct mail or email.

*Translated materials available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

Simple ways to save energy*

How solar energy works*

Get paid to install solar where you live*

Solar installation timeline*

Tenant education toolkit video

Use our presentation templates and prerecorded videos to walk tenants through the changes they can expect with a SOMAH solar project installation.

*Some translated materials available in Chinese, English and Spanish.

Introduction to SOMAH

Changes to expect with SOMAH

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