Applying for SOMAH incentive funding isn’t difficult, but it does require specific documentation throughout the planning and installation process. Applications are only accepted online via our application portal, PowerClerk—which tracks your project’s progress, keeps your paperwork organized in a single location and allows SOMAH to provide accurate statistics on the program’s performance.

Waitlist and funding status

Current funding for SOMAH is exhausted in SDG&E, PG&E and SCE territories. Applicants are still encouraged to apply and be placed on a waitlist. Applicants will be notified as their project receives funding and removed from the waitlist. For more budget information and current available funding, please visit California Distributed Generation Statistics.

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Need more info about SOMAH before you apply?

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Two different tracks are available to SOMAH applicants:

  • Track A: Intended for property owners who would like to receive technical assistance services from the program administrator to help assess the solar potential at their property.
  • Track B: Intended for property owners who do not require technical assistance to submit a project reservation and have identified an eligible contractor for their project.

There is no difference in funding between tracks A and B. Track A simply allocates additional time to allow for upfront technical assistance. Also, participants in track A are required to obtain at least three contractor bids.

Standard technical assistance services, different from upfront technical assistance, are also available. Standard technical assistance is related to general project management and construction support and may be requested throughout the project life cycle, for both tracks A and B.

Technical Assistance

SOMAH eligible contractor installing solar panels

The SOMAH application guide walks you step by step through the application process and required documentation.

Download Application Guide

The SOMAH Program Handbook describes the requirements for receiving funding under the SOMAH program, as well as services provided by the SOMAH Program Administrator. A downloadable PDF version is also available.

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    Technical assistance

    Complete and submit the technical assistance interest form

    Technical assistance approved

    Reservation request due in three months

    Reservation request

    Complete and submit reservation request package and application deposit

    Reservation approved

    Energy efficiency compliance milestone due in 60 days

    Demonstrate energy efficiency compliance

    Complete and submit the energy efficiency compliance milestone

    Energy efficiency compliance milestone approve

    Proof of project milestone due in 180 days

    Demonstrate project progress

    Complete and submit proof of project milestone

    Proof of project milestone approved

    Incentive claim due 18 months from reservation approval

    Install PV system

Obtain copies and view samples of the application forms needed to submit your SOMAH incentive application.

Upfront technical assistance request

Reservation request package

Energy efficiency compliance milestone

Proof of project milestone

Incentive claim package

*Sample forms are provided for forms generated by PowerClerk