Need help meeting your Tenant Education Requirement?

Reach out to the SOMAH PA for several free tenant education services.

person teaching on a Tenant Education Workshop

Tenant Education Workshop (In-Person)

Let us take care of your workshop requirements for you! The SOMAH PA, along with our community-based partners, can support contractors and property owners in meeting second tenant education requirements by hosting a workshop that helps tenants prepare for SOMAH. Requests should be made at least 60 days or more before project installation. All projects must have Proof of Project Milestone Approval. You can also request optional continued tenant education workshops to refresh tenants on SOMAH 60 days or more after project installation.

screenshot of a tenant education webinar

Tenant Education 101 Meeting

Unsure about your SOMAH tenant education requirements? Meet virtually with one of our Tenant Services experts. They will assure you are prepared to support your tenants as their building gets solar. Can be requested any time during the application process. Check for upcoming tenant education trainings on the Events and Webinars webpage.

a person training the trainer in a class

Tenant Education “train the trainer”

Are you planning to lead a tenant education workshop? One of our Tenant Services experts or community-based partners can help you prepare, ensuring you meet tenant education requirements. Can be requested any time during the application process.