With a program budget of up to $100 million annually and an overall target to install 300 megawatts of solar generating capacity by 2030, SOMAH is the nation’s largest investment in clean energy benefits for affordable housing tenants.

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Solar equity policy in action through SOMAH

Accounting for 30% of California residences, multifamily housing has a significant role to play in helping meet the state’s renewable energy goals through greater use of rooftop solar. SOMAH is funding up to 300 megawatts of solar, with a minimum of 51% of generation benefiting tenants, and providing paid workforce training for residents. SOMAH’s first year sold out within hours of opening, with initial applications exceeding the minimum equity results with nearly 90% of solar energy allocations going to tenants.

Explore how this early success indicates the SOMAH program is properly designed to achieve its intended market transformation.

Integrated workforce development creates lasting impact

Workforce development is required for every SOMAH project, creating training opportunities and new jobs and ensuring lasting economic impacts in communities throughout California. Preference is given to trainees from a project’s local area and those with barriers to employment. Trainees are paid wages comparable to industry standards while gaining knowledge and resources to support their further professional development.

Find out how SOMAH connects contractors with qualified trainees through an online job training portal and resume bank.

Helping property owners overcome barriers to going solar

Adding solar to an affordable housing property can be complex and intimidating for property owners. SOMAH has built-in tools to help property owners negotiate the complexities of virtual net metering, estimating energy demand, meeting energy efficiency compliance and navigating utility interconnection — including no-cost, upfront technical assistance resources — while ensuring fair access to SOMAH incentives.

Learn how SOMAH’s technical assistance makes the process of going solar easier for property owners and their contractors.


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