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Technical Assistance and Support Services

To make the process of going solar easier and help you keep your project on track with meeting program requirements, SOMAH offers free Technical Assistance and Support Services. 

Installing solar on multifamily properties requires overcoming barriers, like complex ownership and financing structures and projections of costs and benefits. We want to help you bridge any knowledge gaps and facilitate solutions to issues commonly faced as you consider, design and install your solar PV system. 

Our Technical Assistance and Support Services are available to anyone thinking about installing solar on multifamily affordable housing as well as all SOMAH applicants throughout their entire project. 

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Technical Assistance and Support Services

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Do you know if solar PV is right for your property? Do you know what size solar PV system can fit on your roof? Let us help you learn if solar PV is right for your property. We can help you understand the pros and cons of going solar, what the return on investment looks like, and how much you and your residents will save on your energy bills.
When considering solar, it is important to think about energy efficiency upgrades. A best practice to consider is reducing the energy consumption at your property with upgrades BEFORE installing solar so that you can “reduce before they produce.” Reducing electric usage through energy efficiency upgrades reduces the number of solar panels needed, which ultimately reduces the system size, cost, and maintenance required. We can help connect you with other energy efficiency programs or discuss what programs are a good fit for your property.
There are multiple financing options if the SOMAH incentive does not fully cover the cost of your solar PV project. We can help you make informed decisions about the most viable financing pathway for your project. Our services can help you understand the available financing options, such as a cash purchase, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and solar leases.
If you are wondering how to find solar PV contractors or how to obtain and compare project bids from one contractor to another, let us help you navigate the process. We can connect you with valuable resources to help simplify the process of finding a SOMAH eligible solar contractor and soliciting project bids. We know that project bid questions come up, and when they do, we can help answer those questions so that you have the information you need to select the solar contractor that is best for you.
If you are unsure how the Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) billing arrangement will work for you and your residents, let us help answer your questions. Determining the allocations that each common area or resident meter will receive can be a very tricky puzzle to solve. We can serve as a thought partner throughout the process.
Property owners are required to notify their residents about the property’s participation in SOMAH and provide them with SOMAH-approved information on job training opportunities, energy efficiency and energy bill interpretation. Our services can help property owners meet our tenant education requirements by providing a personalized tenant education workshop to help the residents take advantage of the SOMAH benefits and prepare for the changes once solar is installed. Request your Tenant Education Services Support.
As a program requirement, contractors are required to hire eligible job trainees for every SOMAH installation. We offer services to help connect solar contractors or property owners with local, qualified job trainees and support with the SOMAH Job Training Portal. For property owners, we can work with on-site staff to connect residents at the property to local job training programs and career resources to prepare them for SOMAH’s job training opportunities and solar careers outside of SOMAH.
The interconnection process with your electric utility can be a time consuming and challenging process. Our services can be requested to see if there is any support we can provide when working with the building department, electric utility, and the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).
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Technical Assistance Preview

SOMAH offers a no-cost resource called Technical Assistance Previews. This preview is customized to your property and includes preliminary PV system design and sizing, estimated incentive amount and financial analysis. You can use this resource to decide if enrolling in SOMAH makes sense for you. Request a Technical Assistance Preview for your property and let us help you take the next step toward saving money on solar.

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Fleet Monitoring

Fleet monitoring is a SOMAH offering that allows the program to monitor the performance of your SOMAH incentivized PV system. We view fleet monitoring as an investment in the longevity of your system. The SOMAH Program can monitor the performance of your system on a monthly basis to ensure that it is performing as expected, and we will notify you if any potential performance issues are identified. Read the Fleet Monitoring E-Book to learn more about the benefits.

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