The overall success of the SOMAH Program is predicated, in part, on the maintenance of a fair, open and transparent solar project development market. To protect the solar project development market, the SOMAH Program Administrator (SOMAH PA) is committed to ensuring all program participants, including project developers, have equal access to all relevant program and project information, and no program participant or project developer receives any special advantage, recommendation or information to which the public does not also have access.

The SOMAH PA developed a comprehensive Conflict of Interest policy, submitted with the administration proposal and vetted by the CPUC Energy Division, that includes detailed protocols for identifying, preventing and avoiding any actual or potential conflicts of interest. The SOMAH PA has implemented these protocols to ensure conflicts of interest will be avoided throughout the duration of the SOMAH Program. In addition, the SOMAH PA will follow all relevant laws and standards.


Any member of the public or program stakeholder may report a perceived conflict of interest to the SOMAH PA. All alleged conflicts of interest reported will be investigated, with results and details shared with the CPUC Energy Division and stakeholders.

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