• Get paid, hands-on training experience installing solar PV

  • Network and build relationships with potential long-term employers

  • Get access to the SOMAH Job Training Portal and Resume Bank as well as other solar career development resources

To qualify, your job training program must offer 40+ hours of instruction and be one of the following:

  • PV training program offered by California Community Colleges, local government workforce development, community nonprofit or private enterprise

  • Electrical workers union training offering instructional and/or hands-on PV installation and design

  • Career technical education program related to green building or design

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Job training organization directory

The SOMAH directory is the go-to resource for eligible contractors looking to fulfill the job training requirement for their projects.

Directory of Job Training Organizations

Contact the SOMAH Program Administrator to get your organization listed in the directory.

Contact SOMAH PA

Encourage your students and recent graduates to use the Job Trainee Intake Form to sign up for access to the SOMAH Job Training Portal. They will be able to post a resume, apply for open SOMAH on-the-job training opportunities and access trainee resources.

The following resources are available to help you promote SOMAH participation to your students:

See what job trainees can expect working on SOMAH projects.

Learn more about opportunities for job training organizations to partner with SOMAH in the latest webinar recording of the Program Overview for Job Training Organizations.

The SOMAH Job Training Organization Task Force (JTO Task Force) is composed of representatives from job training organizations and workforce development programs across California. The JTO Task Force provides insight, feedback and advice to the SOMAH PA on strategies and resources to engage job trainees and maximize benefit from paid job training opportunities on SOMAH installation projects. The Task Force meets quarterly, and members serve a two-year term. The new cohort will be announced in March 2022.

Meet the JTO Task Force

Paid solar contractor training for SOMAH job candidates

Surveys obtained from job training organizations whose students have participated in SOMAH projects may be collected for public reporting purposes. This data will not be shared with employers, and public reports will consist of aggregated data that does not contain individually identifying details, names or contact information.

Woman inspecting a solar panel in a factory

The SOMAH PA is committed to full program transparency with regard to participating contractors and location of projects. The California Distributed Generation Statistics website is updated weekly with information related to reserved and remaining SOMAH incentives in each participating utility territory and other reports. The SOMAH Online Bidding Tool allows eligible contractors to submit competitive proposals to potential clients soliciting project bids. Contractor companies that have designated a primary account holder will receive an invitation to register for the platform.

Solar contractors training potential job candidates on rooftop energy system installation

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  • Find SOMAH projects in your area using the SOMAH working dataset (updated weekly on Mondays).
  • Connect with local SOMAH contractors in your area using the Eligible Contractor Tool.
    • Please note: This tool is primarily used by property owners to identify a contractor to install solar on their property. JTOs can use this database to enter any address in their region and find prospective solar employers. JTOs can reach out to contractors directly using their contact information shown but should not select contractors for a bid.

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