What is the Progress Payment Pathway?

The Progress Payment Pathway is an alternative payment option that allows for a partial incentive payment at an earlier milestone as opposed to SOMAH’s standard single payment option upon project completion. This benefit can reduce barriers to participation for those who face capital constraints with carrying the cost of a project until completion. 

This two-payment structure pays 60% of the total approved incentive upon proof of installation and the remaining of the total approved incentive once the PV system has received permission to operate by the utility and after approval of the final SOMAH Incentive Claim Milestone. 

How does the Progress Payment Pathway work?

Eligibility for the Progress Payment Pathway is simple. Applicants must:

  • Received the Proof of Project Milestone approval
  • Be more than two months away from the Incentive Claim Milestone due date when the progress payment request is submitted.
  • Complete a virtual walkthrough to confirm the system location and that the installation is mechanically complete. This virtual walkthrough will be conducted with a member of the SOMAH PA and an onsite contact.
    • Mechanical completion, for the purposes of the progress payment, is defined as the point at which all solar PV equipment has been installed, including the net generation output (NGO) meter socket, and the system wiring has been completed.

Applicants can choose to opt-in for the Progress Payment Pathway via PowerClerk after the Proof of Project Milestone is completed. The following documents will be required to submit a Progress Payment Pathway request:

  • Progress Payment Request form (generated through PowerClerk)
  • Affidavit Ensuring Tenant Education
  • Optional (but encouraged): supporting documentation for virtual walkthrough
    • To support the virtual walkthrough, the Applicant may provide, and/or the SOMAH PA may request, supporting documentation such as site map, as-built plans, and/or single line diagrams showcasing array details and locations, or a single line diagram.
  • Electronic payment Setup form (as applicable)

See application documents and timeline here

The progress payment will be issued after all documents are approved and the virtual walkthrough is completed. The Progress Payment Pathway does not impact any other program requirements related to eligibility, energy efficiency, proof of project milestone, incentive claim, final onsite inspection, or overall reservation period for project completion.

technical assistance

Need assistance to determine if the Progress Payment Pathway is right for you?

The SOMAH PA is available to help program participants determine eligibility for the Progress Payment Pathway and is always available to assist Applicants with existing applications. Reach the SOMAH PA at email contact@calsomah.org or call 858-244-1177, ext. 5

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