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The SOMAH Program partners with dozens of job training and community-based organizations throughout California to strengthen our outreach to residents using recognized and trusted messengers. With existing, person-to-person connections, these partners elevate SOMAH’s effectiveness in diverse communities and help deliver the benefits of solar to more people.

Through community involvement and on-the-job training, SOMAH aims to increase access to solar and jobs in the solar industry for targeted populations that face barriers to employment, including previously incarcerated people, those living in disadvantaged communities, women, people of color and others. To succeed, we rely on our partners.

To showcase this essential on-the-ground work, we’re shining a spotlight on two key partners serving the Los Angeles area, Homeboy Industries and The Niles Foundation.

Job Training Organization Spotlight: Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that provides training and support for formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated people. Their suite of wraparound services provides trainees with a case manager and employment counselor, stipends to support them through education and training, mental health therapy, tattoo removal and opportunities to participate in social enterprises. Homeboy Industries partners with the East LA Skills Center to offer solar training opportunities, including a California-approved electrical skills component.

The SOMAH Program sought out a partnership with Homeboy Industries because of their strong reputation and tailored services for assisting the reentry population with career readiness. More than 40 trainees from Homeboy Industries are listed on SOMAH’s Job Training Portal, and four Homeboy Industries alumni have participated in SOMAH paid solar training so far.

Community-based Organization Spotlight: The Niles Foundation

The Niles Foundation (TNF) is a community-based nonprofit organization serving the South Los Angeles neighborhoods of Compton, Inglewood, Westmont and Willowbrook. The foundation’s team is made of educators, women, creatives and dedicated citizens devoted to the development and economic growth of its local communities, through stewardship and community action.

Since TNF established its partnership with SOMAH in 2021, it has supported the program’s outreach efforts focusing on affordable housing property owners, job training organizations, potential job trainees and government stakeholders as well as the community at large. Its grassroots community engagement pairs direct outreach to property owners with tabling and canvassing in the community to reach residents of affordable housing where they are at.

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