Get new leads for SOMAH projects

The Online Bidding Tool, on the TradePro Connect platform, allows eligible contractors to submit competitive proposals to potential clients soliciting project bids. Contractor companies that have designated a primary account holder will receive an invitation to register for the platform.

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The Online Bidding Tool connects property owners with local solar contractors in their service territory.

  • Property owners can use this platform to solicit project bid requests.
  • Local contractors are notified about a new request and can submit a competitive bid offer to the property owner.
  • Property owners can compare bid submissions and review company profiles to help inform their solar project decisions.

Not a SOMAH-eligible contractor? Sign up for an Eligibility Training on the Events page.

Somah Online Bidding

Designating an account holder for the online bidding tool

To access the Online Bidding Tool, contractors must designate an account holder for their organization. Prior to sending your invitation to register for the online platform, the SOMAH Program Administrator (PA) will verify your credentials and that you completed an eligibility training.

  • Each company must designate one individual to serve as the bidding tool account holder.
  • The company account for the Online Bidding Tool will be tied to this individual.
  • The bidding tool account holder will oversee management of bid requests from interested SOMAH customers.
  • The bidding tool account holder role may be more aligned with a sales representative but is not limited to a specific position within the company.

If you have questions about designating an account holder and/or primary contact, please contact the SOMAH PA.