Technical assistance is available to all SOMAH participants

SOMAH provides you with whole-building technical assistance (TA) focused on solar PV, energy efficiency, and coordination with other energy-related programs. SOMAH TA is available to property owners and contractors participating in the SOMAH Program at any time of the project process. Technical assistance offerings are based on the pathway to apply for a SOMAH incentive, Track A or B. There are two options SOMAH offers if you would like technical assistance.

Upfront Technical Assistance

Upfront TA services assist the property owner in understanding the solar potential for their site, the associated costs, and the benefits of moving forward with a SOMAH project.

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Standard TA

Standard TA services may be requested throughout the SOMAH project life cycle of a and cover topics related to energy efficiency and project financing as well as project management and construction support.

SOMAH’s technical assistance service is designed to make the process of going solar easy for you and help you integrate your solar project into other programs and projects you may be participating in. The service covers a wide range of project-related elements, including:

  • Energy efficiency and compliance requirements
  • Information and referrals for other clean energy programs
  • Sizing of solar PV systems based on historical consumption, planned energy upgrades and on-site solar PV potential
  • Soliciting and comparing contractor bids
  • Completing virtual net energy metering allocations
  • Financing information
  • Understanding utility bill statements and potential post-installation bill impacts
  • General project management and construction support

See the SOMAH Program Handbook for a detailed list.

Eligible SOMAH solar contractor or property owner

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your entire portfolio, your current energy usage patterns and preferences, the system size best suited to your property’s needs, and a financial analysis to determine project feasibility. You’ll have everything you need to receive and assess bids from different solar contractors, and we’ll walk you through the entire SOMAH application process.

  • Your incentive funds will be held for up to three months
  • One of our expert Energy Project Managers will guide you through the entire process
  • You’ll know you’re receiving the optimal SOMAH incentive for your energy needs
  • A feasibility report, including rooftop assessment and potential savings, will help you make an informed decision when selecting a contractor
  • You’ll understand your current energy usage and what to expect after installation
  • Common sense financing options
  • Integration with energy efficiency, storage and electric vehicle programs
  • Post-installation support services

Technical assistance

Energy providers must offer a virtual net energy metering (VNEM) tariff and be in the Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, PacifiCorp or Liberty Utilities service territory. For complete information on eligibility, reference the SOMAH Handbook.

    STEP 1

    You submit an upfront TA request

    STEP 2
    Eligibility Check

    You provide documentation to confirm your property is eligible for SOMAH

    STEP 3
    Incentive Earmarked for 3 Months

    Once approved, we hold your place in line while you receive upfront TA

    STEP 4
    Project Manager Intake Call

    You’re assigned an Energy Project Manager to talk about your specific needs

    STEP 5
    TA Delivery

    Your Energy Project Manager provides the information you need, which may include talking through your TA report

    STEP 6
    Select a Contractor

    You compare contractors’ bids through the bidding portal and select the contractor that’s right for you

    STEP 7
    Reservation Request

    You and your selected contractor submit a Reservation Request

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