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Affordability Requirements Guide for Tribal Groups

Use this guide to determine which documents for Multifamily Low-Income Housing are eligible to submit if you work with tribal residents or have properties on federally recognized tribal lands.

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Energy Auditors

On this page, you can search for certified energy auditors or if you are an energy auditor, get your organization added to our list.

incentive claim package

Incentive Claim Package Overview

The Incentive Claim Package is the last milestone in the application process before receiving the incentive payment. Watch this video to learn how to successfully receive your SOMAH incentive.

proof of project milestone

Proof of Project Milestone Overview

Applicants will submit the solar contract during the Proof of Project Milestone to determine if it meets SOMAH requirements. Watch this short video to learn more.

progress payment pathway

Progress Payment Pathway Overview

Watch this video to learn how to successfully submit a Progress Payment request.

energy efficiency compliance milestone

Energy Efficiency Compliance Milestone Overview

Learn how to successfully complete the second step of the SOMAH application process.

reservation request package

Reservation Request Package Overview

Learn how to successfully complete the first step in the SOMAH application process.

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PowerClerk Status Flowcharts

Utilize this flowchart as a guide while navigating PowerClerk to understand the different statuses that your SOMAH project may encounter.

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Introduction to SOMAH Fleet Monitoring

Learn how SOMAH’s fleet monitoring can support property owners and contractors after a solar installation.