Can existing employees qualify as SOMAH job trainees?

Yes, existing employees can qualify as SOMAH job trainees so long as they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in Section 2.8.2 of the SOMAH program handbook.

The individual must be either

  • Currently enrolled in an eligible job training program,
  • Recently graduated from an eligible job training program within 12 months of the start date of the SOMAH installation project,
  • Or be a tenant whose primary residence is the SOMAH property.


Do contractors need to enter a separate job posting for each trainee position in the case where two trainees are required on a project?

If the two positions are the same (Ex. PV Installer), then only one job posting can be entered in the Job Training Portal. However, if the two positions are different (Ex. PV Installer and System Designer), then two separate job postings should be entered in the Job Training Portal.

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