Share SOMAH’s solar benefits with your customers

Help us spread the word about SOMAH to affordable multifamily property owners in your service areas.

Utility customers

Program benefits for energy providers

SOMAH is designed to deliver clean power and energy bill credits to hundreds of thousands of the state’s affordable housing residents. Property owners in your utility area can take advantage of SOMAH’s benefits and contribute to the local grid as a source of renewable energy.

  • Provides energy bill credits for tenant units and common areas
  • Supports economic growth and local hiring opportunities
  • Diversifies renewable energy portfolios
  • Contributes to local and state decarbonization goals

Eligibility and requirements for utilities and aggregations

Energy providers must offer a virtual net energy metering (VNEM) tariff and be in the Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, PacifiCorp or Liberty Utilities service territory. For complete information on eligibility, refer to the SOMAH handbook.

Read the Handbook

Educating your customers on SOMAH

The SOMAH Program Administrator can provide resources for informing your customers:

  • Content for blogs, emails, e-newsletters, websites and social media
  • Informational flyers and mailers
  • In-person presentations

Get in touch with the SOMAH PA to learn more about the free resources and services offered to you.

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