Partner Spotlight: YCD, Inc. & APEN

Discover how SOMAH partnerships with community-based and job training organizations like APEN and YCD deliver solar benefits to environmental justice communities across the Bay Area.

Success Story
Memorial Village ribbon cutting

SOMAH Helps Fresno Housing Harness the Power of Solar

Learn how Fresno Housing installed a solar PV system that provides financial benefits for tenants.

Success Story
group of people standing or sitting beneath a tent

Bishop Paiute Tribe Completes First Tribal SOMAH-Funded Solar Installation

Learn how the Bishop Paiute Tribe is utilizing power from the sun to provide financial benefits and job training opportunities for tribal members.

incentive claim package

Incentive Claim Package PowerClerk Tutorial

The Incentive Claim Package is the last milestone in the application process before receiving the incentive payment. Watch this video to learn how to successfully receive your SOMAH incentive.

proof of project milestone

Proof of Project Milestone PowerClerk Tutorial

Applicants will submit the solar contract during the Proof of Project Milestone to determine if it meets SOMAH requirements. Watch this short video to learn more.

progress payment pathway

Progress Payment Pathway PowerClerk Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to successfully submit a Progress Payment request.

energy efficiency compliance milestone

Energy Efficiency Compliance Milestone PowerClerk Tutorial

Learn how to successfully complete the second step of the SOMAH application process.

Reservation Request Phase 1

Reservation Request Phase I PowerClerk Tutorial

Learn how to successfully complete the first phase of the first step in the SOMAH application process.

Educational Resource
flowchart illustration

PowerClerk Status Flowcharts

Utilize this flowchart as a guide while navigating PowerClerk to understand the different statuses that your SOMAH project may encounter.