Find California properties eligible for SOMAH

This interactive map displays data on multifamily affordable homes and current SOMAH applications. With features that include the number of affordable housing units per property and street address, identifying potential SOMAH properties is easy. Toggle views of the map between disadvantaged communities, electric utilities, legislative districts and climate zones.

Interactive features

  • Select or hover over a property or utility territory to display the relevant data.
  • Zoom in and out to find individual properties.
  • Adjust the filter criteria and search by address or ZIP code to customize your results.

To undo all filters, click on the "reset" button at the top left. For details on the data and methodology, please refer to the notes below.

Disclaimer: The SOMAH Eligible Properties Map does not guarantee property eligibility for the SOMAH Program. Factors such as utility allowance policies may conflict with SOMAH's tenant benefit requirement, resulting in ineligibility for SOMAH incentives. 

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