Construction impacts

  • How long will the solar installation project at my building last?

    Project duration's may vary. Your property owner and contractor will provide a project timeline before construction starts.

  • Will the construction damage the roof?

    Although solar panels can be attached to the roof, damage to the roof is unlikely. If you do notice a leak, report it to your property owner.

  • Will construction impact my parking space/children’s playground/building access?

    Your property owner and construction team will share information about how construction will affect your community spaces. It is important that you feel safe on site. If at any point you don't, be sure to inform your property manager.

  • Will my power be turned off as a result of construction? When? How often? For how long?

    Power will be turned off for a short amount time during solar installation. You will be notified in advance and given enough time to prepare for the short power outage.

  • Which roofs will the solar panels be on? Will people be walking on my roof? If yes, when?

    Your property owner and construction team will share information about how construction will affect your home and community spaces.


  • Can I participate in the solar installation?

    Yes you can, you will need to contact the contractor who is installing the solar system at your building. The contractor's contact information can be found on the Job Training flyer. They will let you know what job and volunteer opportunities are available at your building

  • What can we do if tenants want to participate and owners do not?

    The more you know about SOMAH, the better you can advocate to your landlord. You can start by going to the website at CalSOMAH.org and learning more about the program. Some highlights to share with your property manager and landlord:

    • SOMAH saves on energy costs, reducing the overall costs of powering the building and keeping energy costs stable even when utility rates fluctuate
    • SOMAH provides up to 100% of the funding for solar installation on qualifying buildings
    • SOMAH automatically enrolls tenants into Energy Saving Assistance Program (ESA) to help further reduce tenants' energy use.
    • SOMAH benefits tenants as well as owners, through bill credits and cleaner air
    • SOMAH supports economic opportunity and growth in your community, creating jobs and developing solar careers
    • SOMAH can help your building and your neighborhood go carbon-free, contributing to a healthier community and planet
    • SOMAH provides free upfront technical assistance to help the building owner understand the solar potential for their building, and the costs and the benefits of moving forward with a SOMAH project

    Eligibility Requirements

Utility bill credits & rent

  • How much of a reduction can I expect on my bill?

    The reduction on your will bill will vary based on the amount of energy your building's solar system will produce, the amount of energy you use and your utility rate.

  • When will I see a reduction in my utility bill?

    You will start to see savings on your utility bill after the solar system is turned on and providing power your building.

  • How do I sign up for the bill credits?

    After the solar panels are installed on your property, your property owner will automatically sign you up to receive credits.

  • Are tenants responsible for the costs of the PV system at any point?

    Tenants are not responsible for any cost of the PVs and their rent will not increase due to having solar at their building.

  • Will my rent be increased?

    Your rent will not increase due to the SOMAH solar installation. The SOMAH program guarantees no costs are passed to the tenants.