How do I get Standard TA?

You may request Standard TA at any point after the Reservation Request Package has been submitted by submitting an online request form.

What is the difference between Track A and Track B applications?

  • Track A is intended for property owners who would like to receive technical assistance services to help assess the solar potential at their property, and/or identify eligible contractors for their project. In addition, Track A integrates a project bidding process to ensure that systems are installed in a cost-competitive manner.
  • Track B is designed for property owners who do not require technical assistance to submit a project reservation and have identified an eligible contractor they would like to work with for their project. The project bidding process is optional for Track B applications.

What services are offered through Standard Technical Assistance (TA)?

Standard TA services are related to energy efficiency, project financing and general project management and construction support.

Standard Technical Assistance services are designed for projects in both Track A and Track B.

Examples of Standard TA:

  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities and review program compliance requirements
  • Assist in achieving net zero energy targets
  • Provide coordination and referrals to other clean energy programs
  • Assist in meeting Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) program requirements

Technical Assistance information