What benefits does SOMAH provide?

SOMAH program benefits include:

Benefits for property owners

  • SOMAH incentives may cover the full cost of the materials and installation for the portion of the solar PV system that offsets tenant’s electricity needs.
  • Solar PV can help reduce and stabilize energy costs for eligible multifamily buildings.
  • The SOMAH program offers a suite of no-cost technical assistance services to make the process of installing solar easier.

Benefits for tenants

  • SOMAH provides financial benefits to tenants - tenants will receive credits on their electricity bill to help them live more affordably.
  • SOMAH provides job-training opportunities.
  • SOMAH automatically enrolls tenants into an Energy Saving Assistance Program to help further reduce energy use.

Benefits for the community

  • Solar PV installations can help improve air quality by reducing reliance on fossil-fuels for electricity generation.
  • SOMAH provides job training opportunities and builds capacity in the clean energy economy.