Learn how to easily navigate SOMAH job training requirements.

1:00 pm PST



event Job Training Overview

Attention all SOMAH applicants and contractors: Are you curious about the SOMAH Program’s job training requirements, but don’t know where to start? The Job Training Overview webinar is here to help you navigate easily through this process. 

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of job training requirements and expectations. You’ll also access valuable resources that will support a successful job training experience for all  your SOMAH projects. Here’s a sneak peek at the agenda: 

  • Run-through of job training responsibilities 
  • Job trainee recruitment resources
  • Job Training Portal live demo
  • Job trainee on-boarding checklist
  • Job site safety tips

You’ll also learn where to find additional workforce development resources and have the opportunity to ask our expert panelists questions.

This webinar is also suited for housing/energy consultants, job training organizations, community-based organizations, job trainees and SOMAH tenants. Register today to save your seat!  



Audience: Community-based organizations, Contractors, Job Seekers, Job training organizations, Property owners, Tenants
Event Type: Webinar