Date & Time

10:00 am PST



Solar panels and sky

A majority of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations fit into two categories, direct ownership and third-party ownership such as solar leases and power-purchase agreements (PPAs). When considering installing solar PV, understanding the variety of ownership options is a crucial first step. Each solar ownership option provides unique financial benefits for property owners depending on budget and investment goals. 

This online webinar will highlight SOMAH’s technical assistance services, focusing on financial technical assistance. This webinar is intended for property owners and managers interested in installing solar panels to lower operating costs and reduce utility bills through the SOMAH program. 

It will provide an overview of the following: 

  • High-level program overview 
  • SOMAH’s no-cost technical assistance services
  • Overview and comparison of direct and third-party ownership options
  • Cost benefit analysis case study 
  • Third-party financing options 
  • Q&A session