All participating properties must fulfill the energy efficiency program requirements through one of two pathways outlined in SOMAH Handbook Section 2.5.

The SOMAH Program Administrator (SOMAH PA) will conduct site verifications on a sampling of projects to verify accuracy of the energy audit report and the Solar Sizing Tool.

Fulfilling the energy efficiency requirement

Pathway 1: Complete whole-building walkthrough audit

Property owners who select this option must hire a credentialed energy auditor to provide a whole-building walkthrough audit. The cost of this walkthrough is the responsibility of the participant. View our energy auditors database for a list of credentialed energy auditors.

The energy audit report should include building and energy use details and should generally align with the details in an ASHRAE Level 1 audit. Visit the about energy audits web page to learn more.

About Energy Audits


Pathway 2: Participate in whole-building programs

Property owners who select this option must have the following.

  • Recent or active participation in an approved whole-building energy efficiency program. Documentation of enrollment in any of the following whole-building energy efficiency programs fulfills this requirement.
  • Documentation of a California Tax Credit Allocation Committee building rehabilitation that was completed within the past three years from the submission of the SOMAH application.
  • Documentation that the property was completely constructed under 2013 Title 24.




Low Income Weatherization Program (Multifamily)

66% of units at 80% AMI or located in a DAC

All IOUs

Energy Upgrade California



SoCalREN Multifamily Program


Joint customers of SCE+SoCalGas

BayREN Multifamily Program


PG&E customers

Energy Saving Assistance Program

The SOMAH program requires participants to submit a list of tenant addresses at the property for referral to the Energy Saving Assistance (ESA) Program. ESA is a direct install program offered by PG&E, SCE and SDG&E. The program provides no-cost energy efficiency measures and weatherization services for eligible low-income households. While participation in the program itself is not required, property owners are required to inform tenants about this opportunity.

Other opportunities for savings

In addition to the energy efficiency programs listed above, the SOMAH PA can further assist property owners to identify other statewide or utility programs that they can leverage or integrate with their SOMAH installation. For property owners in Track A, you can work with your energy project manager to receive more information regarding programs. Property owners in Track B can utilize standard technical assistance to receive more information.

  • On-Bill Financing (OBF): This is a zero interest unsecured loan offered by PG&E, SDG&E and SCE for eligible energy efficiency upgrades. The loan is repaid as a charge added to the monthly utility bill. Terms may vary by IOU.
  • Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP): Provides incentives for battery storage.
  • CALeVIP: Provides financial incentives for owners to install electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Strategies for further energy savings:
    • Demand response and load shifting
    • Electrification