Job training

  • How do contractors recruit job trainees?

    Contractors can recruit job trainees in several ways.

    • Post a public job opportunity
    • Browse the resume bank
    • Use the directory to connect directly with job training organizations
    • Client recommendations and referrals

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  • What should contractors train the job trainees on?

    Contractors can train job trainees in PV installation, project design/engineering, or PV commissioning and maintenance. These categories are based on the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)’s Photovoltaic Specialists Job Tasks Analysis.

  • How many trainees are required for each project?

    The number of trainees and required work hours depends on the size of the installation. Refer to the Job Training Requirements webpage to view a chart of required trainees and work hours based on the system size.

    Job training requirements page

  • Can existing employees qualify as SOMAH job trainees?

    Yes, existing employees can qualify as SOMAH job trainees so long as they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in Section 2.8.2 of the SOMAH program handbook.

    The individual must be either

    • Currently enrolled in an eligible job training program,
    • Recently graduated from an eligible job training program within 12 months of the start date of the SOMAH installation project,
    • Or be a tenant whose primary residence is the SOMAH property.


  • How are trainees paid?

    Trainees are paid directly by contractors and not from SOMAH program funds.

  • If the trainee has not filled out the Job Trainee Intake Form online, where can the contractor point the trainee to find and submit the Intake Form?

    The Job Trainee Intake Form can be submitted online by the trainee here. The trainee may also submit a PDF version of the Intake Form, which can be found in Appendix M of the SOMAH program handbook, by email to

    Job Trainee Intake Form

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  • Are there any exceptions to the job training requirement?

    There is no exception to the job training requirement. The SOMAH PA team will provide services to help facilitate the hiring of an eligible job trainee if needed.

  • Are job trainees temporary hires for each project? Or are they intended to be brought on as long-term employees?

    Contractors are only required by SOMAH to hire trainees to work on the project for the required number of work hours based on the system size. However, many contractors will opt to keep the trainee on staff for additional projects or hire the trainee on as a permanent employee.

  • How do contractors access the job training portal?

    Contractors will receive login information to the job training portal via email within three business days after attending the Contractor Eligibility Training webinar and submitting the requested contact information. Questions regarding job training portal account issues should be emailed to

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  • Are contractors required to post job opportunities on the job training portal?

    Contractors are required to enter and manage each SOMAH job opportunity in the SOMAH Job Training Portal and begin recruitment at least 30 days before installation begins. However, the contractor can choose to keep the job posting hidden and recruit trainees by other means (ex. direct outreach to a job training organization or recruitment of tenants).

    Job Training Portal

    Job training requirements page

  • Do contractors need to enter a separate job posting for each trainee position in the case where two trainees are required on a project?

    If the two positions are the same (Ex. PV Installer), then only one job posting can be entered in the Job Training Portal. However, if the two positions are different (Ex. PV Installer and System Designer), then two separate job postings should be entered in the Job Training Portal.

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